This Engineer Has Hacked Apple’s Magic Mouse To Make It Better Than Ever

Apple’s Magic Mouse has been a celebrated icon in the ever-evolving world of tech aesthetics. Yet, the echoes of discontent surrounding its ergonomic quirks have persisted. Now, enter the maverick engineer Ivan Kuleshov, who has not only heeded the call but boldly unveiled a transformative redesign of the Magic Mouse. It’s not just an improvement; it’s a revolution.

Since its debut in 2009, the Magic Mouse has danced with both admiration and criticism, notably for its ergonomic shortcomings and the less-than-ideal placement of its charging port. Ivan Kuleshov took to Twitter to showcase his reimagination, boldly claiming it as the “world’s first ergonomic Magic Mouse with no weaknesses.”

Visually striking, Kuleshov’s redesign features a 3D-printed base that is broader and deeper, promising not just a change but a comfortable revolution in user experience. The engineer’s journey was no simple feat, involving extensive engineering and numerous design iterations before arriving at the final iteration.

Dividing the mouse into halves, Kuleshov ingeniously introduced a frame adapter via 3D printing to retain the clickable buttons. A critical upgrade involves the relocation of the charging port to a more user-friendly spot, accompanied by adopting the universally accepted USB-C standard.

Addressing a glaring omission in the original design, Kuleshov ensures users can now seamlessly use the mouse while it charges. This game-changing feature involves meticulous rewiring of battery connectors, allowing uninterrupted usage during charging sessions.

Kuleshov generously shared every detail of the redesigned Magic Mouse on GitHub in a gesture that echoes openness and collaboration. This move invites fellow enthusiasts and engineers to explore, adapt, and contribute to the ongoing enhancement of this iconic Apple peripheral.

Acknowledging the iterative nature of innovation, Kuleshov’s redesign challenges Apple’s commitment to the status quo of the Magic Mouse design. As the tech world thrives on ingenuity, individual brilliance might be the catalyst to prompt even industry giants to reconsider and elevate the user experience of their revered devices.

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