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This Engineer Draws Cool Space Illustrations Using Everyday Objects

Eric Geusz Is An Engineer And An Artist Who Draws Space Illustrations!

Welcome to yet another post about an amazing engineer and his wonderful hobby. Eric Geusz is a Software Engineer and Artist that creates uber-cool space-themed illustrations. What are these illustrations based on? How about you take a guess? His illustrations are based on the regular everyday items that you can find in your home.

Take the example of a body thermometer. Is there any artistic appeal to it? Does looking at it flood you with creative ideas? We thought so; a thermometer is so mundane – so basic – that you can’t think of much. However, when Eric Geusz looks at it; he sees that the item’s proportions can be transformed into something wonderful; how about a Star Wars-esque star cruiser?

Moving on, what do you think of an ice cream scoop? Can you think of something that it can be transformed into? How about ballpoint pens? Well, Eric Geusz transformed the ice cream scoop into a space station and the ballpoint pens into a cruiser that is exploring the galaxy. Eric Geusz’s style is a mix of pop art and retro-futurism.

Eric Geusz says, ‘I have always had a huge passion for drawing and designing things since my childhood days of glitter glue and Legos. The engineer by day and artist by night, Eric Geusz, has the ability for seeing beyond the realms of ordinary and is capable of looking into a world that is filled with wonder and limited only by his imagination.

Each object that inspires Eric Geusz to create a space wonder is given a tribute in a peculiar way; a hint of its inspiration is left in the final piece. So, while you can find the object and the transformed illustration side-by-side in his posts; a fun thing to do is to guess what the illustration has been inspired from.

Check out some of Eric Geusz’s work below and do let us know what you think of it!