Artist Creates Incredible Art Work Using Nothing But Bicycle Tire Tracks

Bicycle Tire Art – 100 Copies7

Meet Thomas Yang who is an artist based in Singapore. This guy has a passion for art and cycling and has created ‘Bike Print Illustrations’ of famous landmarks from all over the world by using bicycle tire tracks. The series has been given the name ‘100 Copies’ since it has been limited to 100 prints per piece.Bicycle Tire Art – 100 Copies Bicycle Tire Art – 100 Copies2 Bicycle Tire Art – 100 Copies3

The series includes amazing illustrations of world’s most famous landmarks, architecture-wise, and makes use of bike tires only that were coated with black pigment to create these illustrations. The illustrations have the London Bridge, Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. The pieces come with a witty name, an edition number and a bike-themed description.

London Bridge has been named as ‘God Save the Bike’ and the description says; ‘Come traffic, hell, or high water, nothing wills stop london’s rising bike culture, thanks to its protected cycle lanes. Admire its leafy parks and iconic architecture, including the tower bridge, meticulously crafted here with 11 unique tire tracks. Keep calm and ride on.’Bicycle Tire Art – 100 Copies4 Bicycle Tire Art – 100 Copies5 Bicycle Tire Art – 100 Copies6

You can check out for the complete work of Thomas. Buyers of the paintings have been stated along with name and the nationality. This way people are told that similar to the tracks of tire the paintings have also made their way all across the world. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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