This Electric Coupe Inspired By The Porsche 356 Takes Us Back To The Future

Adding a state-of-the-art electric drive to an old sports car, 4×4, or old Rolls Royce-Esque saloons is quite common for a new tuner or EV startup. The same is not true for UK’s Watt Electric Vehicle Company that has just announced its new WEVC Coupe that looks just like a 1956 Porsche. By using the Passenger And Commercial EV Skateboard (PACES) platform on an in-house developed composite body styled after the 1956 Porsche, the Coupe truly transcends time.

The Porsche-inspired design while being truly eye-catching will also serve to attract consumers towards their new PACES platform that is under the hood.

The Coupe is a two-seat fixed head electric sports car that will be the first vehicle ever to use the PACES platform. The design of the platform will focus on driver involvement, featuring a 50 by 50 weight distribution ratio meaning the weight will be distributed evenly across the car, a curb weight of less than 1,000kg, and a chassis that exhibits honed ride, handling, and steering characteristics.

The platform is aimed specifically at cost-efficient and low-volume manufacturing. It is composed of lightweight aluminum extrusions that interlock and bond together to make a rigid structure that does not need extra parts or expensive screwing and tooling. The Coupe also includes a 40 kWh battery built into its own dedicated case which saves weight while still conforming to the European Small Series Type Approval crash standards.

The mid-mounted motor of the Coupe will be available in two power options, with the 21 model Launch Edition packing 161 hp (120 kW). Thus giving a WLTP range of around 230 miles and a promise of 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just over five seconds. Now, these numbers aren’t really impressive on paper but with a curb weight of 1,000kg and the weight is evenly distributed across the body, The WEVC Coupe promises consumers a hearty, responsive, and driver-focused ride for the road.

WEVC founder Neil Yates explains that “With our debut vehicle, we wanted to build a light, engaging sports car, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the current trend toward hugely powerful, fast-accelerating, but heavy electric supercars”. He also states that “The WEVC Coupe’s focus is on engaging the driver, providing enjoyment in real-world situations from city streets to B-roads. With the double-wishbone suspension, 16-inch wheels, and 60-profile tires, it has a comfortable ride, excellent steering response, and a handling balance that is entertaining and exploitable, rather than chasing outright lateral grip”.

The prototype testing for the new car has been going on for the past 10 months with plans to keep on refining the Coupe for a November production start at WATT’s Cornwall facility. Deliveries of the first Launch Edition cars will begin in early 2022 according to WATT.

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