This Eco-friendly Little Chiller Can Cool Your Room At 1 Cent Per Day

Geizeer portable evaporative cooler

The fridge is a powerful device in every household and it is also the most under-utilized one that runs all day long. So, is there a way we can use its potent cooling power for our benefit and help us keep cool wherever we want to go? These two Latino innovators have made a clever little evaporative cooler and launched it on Kickstarter that can help your ambient temperature remain cool for up to five hours while running on just a small fan. Geizeer, as they have named it has the potential to be a successful Kickstarter project and it has already raised 24,000 of its 30,000 target and there are more than 20 days to go till the crowdfunding campaign ends.

Geizeer has a beautiful industrial design that is as practical as it gets. The basic construction is from mostly natural materials like wood since it is one of the best insulators around. The A/C box gives an overall metallic outlook and shines very brightly. The basic operation is very simple; A simple fan that remarkably looks like something straight from a personal computer circulates the cool air 360 degrees around the cooler. The ice pack in the middle of the cube provides the cooling necessary and it lasts several hours due to good insulation provided by the particular kind of wood.

Geizeer portable evaporative cooler2

You can get these cooling machines for just 75 at Kickstarter and be part of this useful project. Its energy costs from the fan are just one cent per day and it can cool an area spanning 12 square meters which is the size of an average household room. You can also move it around wherever you like from your office to your own bed if you feel like it. It will cool it off and make it possible to do your work in peace. With just 85, you can cut down your cooling costs and it will work well in a slightly humid environment as well!



  1. James Smith Reply

    Evaporative coolers are nothing new. They have been used in places like Arizona for over 150 years. I lived in a house in Tucson for ten years that had nothing else. Needless to say, these work best in places with low humidity. That means in the rainy season, they do not work as well. In reality, there might be a total of about 10 to 14 days a year when I would have preferred A/C. Because I worked from home, I was usually there in the hottest part of the day. When it became too much for the cooler and a fan, I would take a couple of laps in the pool, put on a dry suit , and go back to work for a while.

    As more people moved to AZ and wanted green lawns like they had in Ohio and Michigan, the average humidity rose until the old ‘vap units were no longer effective. Yes, human intervention does cause climate change.

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