This Drone-Versus-Drone Kill In Ukraine Could Be The First-Ever In Air Combat

A video shows a collision between two drones deployed for observation by Ukrainian and Russian armed forces.

A Ukrainian drone captured the video as it approached a DJI Mavic, a tiny commercially available quadcopter that Russian soldiers employed. An impact happens, and the Mavic can be seen cartwheeling, with its components flying away, after being struck by the attacking drone’s propeller.

The video is most likely the first incidence of air-to-air drone warfare and the first instance of a tiny commercial drone engaging another of its sort during the Ukraine war.

The video was first shared on Twitter by Serhiy Pritula, a Ukrainian journalist and influencer. They previously launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to obtain Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 combat drones for Ukrainian soldiers.

Following a successful fundraising campaign to purchase the drones, Turkey will send three Bayraktar TB2s to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to the description in the Twitter tweet, the attacking drone was another Mavic. The model, which is widely available for purchase, is popular with Ukrainian and Russian armed forces and numerous volunteer and paramilitary formations involved in the conflict.

Drones of this type are typically utilized on the frontlines for observation, spotting, artillery fire rectification, and other related functions. In addition, similar sorts of unmanned aerial vehicles are sometimes equipped with explosives that can be dropped from above or detonated near the target, transforming these relatively inexpensive devices into makeshift bombers and missiles.

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