This DIY Rocket Builder Is Enlisting 50 Volunteers To Launch An Amateur Astronaut

A team of 50 volunteers at Copenhagen Suborbitals have declared that they have been building a rocket to send to space. If this group manages to make the rocket and to send it to orbit in outer space, it could change the accessibility for rocket manufacturing.

Copenhagen Suborbitals has a group of amateur rocketeers in Denmark. They are aiming to launch a person into sub orbit on a homemade rocket and on a very small budget. They’re the world’s only manned amateur space program and they have launched five rockets since 2011.

Amateur rocket building group plan to launch man into space and take orbit  back from billionaires - NewsBreak

Mads Stenfatt who is a pricing manager is also one of those volunteers and he stated that he enjoys the challenge that rocket building offers. “We do it because it’s hard,” Stenfatt said. “Once you are in it, you start to realize also that the fun part is not getting to the goal. The fun part is constantly working on challenges that are so ridiculously difficult.”

Stenfatt and his peers are working on the rocket, “Spica.” If all goes well, and a lot can go wrong, they hope Spica will be the first amateur spacecraft to take on a crewed suborbital flight, marking a key milestone for humanity.

Can This DIY Rocket Program Send an Astronaut to Space? - IEEE Spectrum

Owing to financial constraints and the onset of the pandemic, the group estimates that it will not be before a decade when the rocket will be ready for launch.

Everybody is in anticipation of the progress this group of young individuals is going to make. If they manage to pull it off, they will be examples of perseverance, dedication, and innovation!

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