This Digital Thermometer Does Not Need Any Batteries To Power It

Although digital body temperature thermometers are simpler to read than analogue thermometers, there’s always the risk of the battery running out in between usage. That’s where the BCool thermometer comes in, as it can be powered up with just a few shakes.

The BCool is made by Baracoda Daily Healthtech and has an inbuilt supercapacitor rather than a battery.

It’s said that shaking it back and forth a few times is enough to generate enough electrical charge to get one temperature reading. The reading is obtained non-invasively by pressing a button on the BCool and slowly passing its infrared sensor across the forehead – the sensor does not need to touch the skin.

The LinkedIn company description about the company says “With offices in New York, Paris, and Shanghai, Baracoda is a global leader in daily healthtech”. Photo: Baracoda Group Twitter

The device displays the user’s current body temperature in real-time, and the information is wirelessly communicated over Bluetooth to a specialised iOS/Android app on the user’s smartphone or tablet. That software may be used to track and record numerous family members’ temperatures over time, as well as notes on things like physical symptoms and drugs used. If necessary, users can email this information to their doctor.

The BCool device is constructed of recycled plastic, is waterproof, and does not contain mercury (which is poisonous). It’s been awarded an Innovation Awards Honoree at CES 2022, and it’ll be available in the fourth quarter of this year for less than US$79.

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