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This Device Will Wrap Your Dog Poop And Present It In A Package

Inubox Will Wrap Your Dog Poop And Present It In A Package!

While most dog trainers will tell you that it is the best policy to train your dogs to relieve themselves outdoors, there are certain situations that cannot be avoided. These situations include them being left at home all day long or you oversleeping and missing the time period when they need to go out. That is where Inubox comes in.

The Inubox has been created by Auston, Newton’s Box based in Texas. The contraption has been designed to help dogs relieve themselves inside the home without creating a mess. The device features a hinged platform that, in its default position, sits flat on the floor. The dongs will have to be trained to pee or poop on this platform before you are able to take advantage of this amazing creation. The training process does become easy because the floor gives off a scent that attracts the dogs. The platform has sensors embedded into it that are capable of detecting when the dog is standing on it or when there is a presence of solid or liquid waste.

Once these sensors ascertain that the dog has been on the platform and left after excreting waste, the platform autonomously folds up into the main contraption. This makes the waste to roll off into a litter box that is placed at the bottom. No, the device doesn’t rely on the gravity alone. It also has a robotic scrapper that moves over the platform and removes the stuff that didn’t come off under the influence of gravity. The litter-coated waste is then moved out of the box using a robotic scoop and places that bag into a bag. The bag is sealed and is furnished on demand once the user is ready to haul it away.

The device also spritzes air freshener every time it is used. It also gives the treat to let the doggos that they are good doggos for using the device. The app also enables users to keep track of levels of treats, bags, and litter.

Inubox is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and pledging $840 will help you get one. It will be readily available if all goes well with a retail price of $1,200.