This Device Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone While You Drive

People were ecstatic when smartphones made it to the market and into our hands. None of us could keep our hands off of the phone, but the poor thing needs to be charged, right? We had to move our beds and our entire lives next to the charging socket as its hard to wait until it is fully charged. It is not the most feasible solution, so we waited for years for wireless charging to arrive. When it finally did arrive, guess what? It is a charging pad that you have to place your phone on. Just a more inconvenient way of using it. Sigh!

If you bought the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus, you would leave it around to charge at the charging pad, but you can not take it to your car. Your wireless charging solution for the car is the HTOCINQ Qi Wireless Charging 2-in-1 Car Mount that will work with any smartphone that is compatible with Qi charging.

Image: BGR

Once you mount the device inside your car, all you have to do is remove your smartphone’s cover and place it on the Qi charging unit. The device gives an output of 5V / 1.5A and comes with an air vent mount and a suction mount. The ball can rotate by 360 degrees to allow more flexible viewing angles as the rubber base ensures that the phone does not slip out.

Among the recent smartphones, the ones compatible with Qi charging include the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Note 5, Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge (Plus) / S7 / S7 Edge, LG Nexus 4 / 5 / 6, Nokia Lumia 920 / 822, MOTO 360, and HTC 8X.

If you already have your hands on one of these smartphones, and particularly the iPhones, you know the struggle. The Qi Charging car mount is exactly what you need.

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