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This Device Prevents Sexual Assault By Calling For Help

As per Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network organization, an American is assaulted sexually every 107 seconds. That’s about 293,066 persons aged 12 or more being victims annually. In light of these horrific statistics, it makes sense if people carried something for the sake of protection and that’s where ROAR for Good – a company whose sole purpose is to empower women reduce assaults – comes in with a gadget called Athena.

It is a wearable gadget that is being touted as capable of helping in protecting women against assault. It is about the size of half a dollar and can be clipped easily to accessories or clothing. All that the user needs to do is to push a button and Athena emits a loud alarm while sending messages to your loved ones along with user’s location.

The gadget works by connecting to the ROAR mobile app. The app allows the user to set up an account and add emergency contacts that will be contacted upon pressing of the button. The contacts do need to have to install the app in order to receive these messages. Athena also features a silent mode that allows the user to send messages without sounding the alarm.

As of now, ROAR for Good has raised funds for Athena on Indiegogo successfully. 10% of the earnings from every Athena will be sent to the One Love Foundation – an organization that is working on educating teens and college students about relationship violence.

Athena cofounder, Yasmine Mustafa said, “Building these self-defense tools or safety tools, to us, is kind a short term strategy. The whole idea is educating young children on what constitutes a healthy relationship with the goal of not needing these devices one day.”