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This Designer Has Created Jewellery That Generates Electricity From Your Blood Flow

Today we will introduce you to an Israeli graduate, Naomi Kizhner, who has designed a total of 3 jewellery pieces, that can be plugged into the user’s veins and create power from the blood flow in veins. These pieces are at conceptual stage right now, however, they have been designed in order to make people realize how dependent they are on energy. The pieces have been named as Blinker, Blood Bridge and Pulse Conductor.
‘Energy Addicts’ – Project by Naomi Kizhner10

The idea is to help people realize the extremes that they reach when it comes to powering our phones or to get fuel for our cars. Will this craze continue to the point where we would be desperate enough to use our blood for generating power to feed these gadgets that we have come to love so much?

The project has been named as ‘Energy Addicts’ and the conceptual pieces sure look amazing.

(via Naomi Kizhner)

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