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Japanese Engineers Invent A Bra That Opens Only If You Truly Love Her


What we have learned over so many years in blogging is the fact that Japanese have a knack for coming up with the weirdest inventions. There have been many examples in the past and now we are again surprised by the latest gadget that has been brought to the market by Japanese engineers.
 This gadget is a bra for women and the reason why we are covering it is this; supposedly, this futuristic bra will only open when the user exhibits physical responses which are generated due to the feeling of love. Other than that, this bra won’t open – wait what? Umm, okay Japan.. Let’s see how this is achieved and whether it’s useful or just another novelty gadget from Japan.

This peculiar bra comes with onboard sensors that are capable of connecting to a smartphone app wirelessly by making use of Bluetooth. The app then monitors the heart rate and that is the controlling factor for the opening or locking of bra. The key principle is that when a woman is in love, her heart rate undergoes changes ( Captain obvious stuff) and the app will monitor this heart rate. When it detects that the female is in love, the bra will pop open for your better half.

Now, let’s move on to how this will result in an awkward position for users. Imagine looking at a hot stud and your bra pops open in the public. Quite an embarrassing situation or when you are eating chocolate and you feel like you are in love and bam – there goes your bra. The bra did fly off right away in the promotional video from the mannequin.

The company behind this gadget is Ravijour which is somewhat similar to Japan’s version of Victoria’s Secret. The whole concept, as per us, is quite absurd but then again, weird gadgets are something Japan is pretty good at.

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