This Custom 2-Stroke Kawasaki Bike Has 48 Cylinders – And You Could Actually Buy It Soon

The motorcycle world is accustomed to powerful engines, but the custom Kawasaki with a staggering 48-cylinder engine stands out as a rare and awe-inspiring creation. Built by enthusiast Simon Whitelock, this Guinness World Record-holding bike, dubbed the Tinker Toy, is a testament to engineering creativity and unbridled passion.

Whitelock’s inspiration stemmed from his profound admiration for Kawasaki Triples, which he decided to amplify exponentially by multiplying its cylinders by a factor of three and then doubling it. The result is a monstrous 4.2-liter machine boasting six banks of eight cylinders each. Starting this behemoth requires a 125cc scooter engine, while power is supplied by a car alternator due to its immense energy demands. Custom internals, throttle linkages, and dual 24-into-1 exhausts further exemplify its uniqueness.

While the exact horsepower output remains shrouded in mystery, estimates suggest it could surpass a staggering 500 hp, delivered through a BMW K100 transmission. Weighing approximately 1,300 pounds, it dwarfs even heavyweight bikes like the 2024 Honda Gold Wing, aligning more closely with unconventional creations like the Dodge Viper V10-powered Tomahawk.

Despite its mystique, there’s a scarcity of footage showcasing the Tinker Toy in action, leaving enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the opportunity to experience its unparalleled sound and performance. However, the chance to own this extraordinary machine will arise at the International Classic Motorcycle Show on April 21, where Bonhams will auction it.

With an estimated price ranging from $51,000 to $76,000, acquiring the Tinker Toy demands a substantial investment. Yet, for enthusiasts craving a motorcycle with more cylinders than most cars combined, it presents an irresistible opportunity to own a piece of automotive history and push the boundaries of engineering marvels.

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