This Couple Got Engaged At The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Site

Lovers have used ways and means in the past to declare their love. People have resorted to letters written with their blood and to constructing monuments that will be a lasting symbol of their affection. But trust me when I say that this couple in Ukraine has done something no one else has done before them.

Taking the knee in a radioactive zone, yes, you read it right. The couple under discussion chose Chernobyl to be the site where their happily ever after would begin.

The negative impact of HBO’s groundbreaking 2019 miniseries is still being felt, after which tourism to the practically no-go site bolstered. But let’s just take out a moment and think about what would have prompted this decision? Maybe the sheer human urge of doing something that no one else has ever done or perhaps the fact that the couple wanted to bring happiness to a place that has been home to sorrow and has been the symbol of agony for so long. Whatever the case, we can just assume.

The joyful couple became a part of an Instagram post shared by a company that conducts “Contamination Zone” tours near the site of Ukraine’s nuclear meltdown. However, the engaged couple was immediately criticised by Redditors who viewed the post.

“I wish them both a wonderful half-life,” wrote one.

“I wonder if there was any fallout from this,” remarked another.

Indeed, the need to look into the eyes of the terrible is undeniably the true sign of being a human. Maybe people do so as a therapeutic act for their anxieties. People are thrilled to read about all sorts of horrendous things that happen to other people, as evidenced by the two Museums of Death in the United States (located in two extremely gruesome cities, Los Angeles and New Orleans), as well as the continued and problematic popularity of the sensationalized crime genre.

However daring and out of the world it may sound, proposing in Chernobyl is set to have severe medical consequences. Maybe the couple wants to live true to the fascinating concept of living and dying together. Every relationship is unique in its own way, but a couple doing their engagement at such a historically downtrodden place appears to be twisted.

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