This Cool Video Shows The Intricate Process Of Making A Lava Lamp


Did you know that the lava lamps were initially called astro-globes? Stats reveal that more lava lamps were sold in the 1960’s than any other time in the history.


Image Source: Priceconomics


Watching a lava lamp being made is nearly ad mesmerising as looking at one! A YouTube video from the Science Channel reveals the complicated process that goes into making of a lava lamp:



The manufacturing of a lava lamp involves 160-degree Fahrenheit baths, glass blowers, a mixture of secret chemicals and dyes, and some liquid wax!


Image Source: Giphy


The hallucinogenic, mind-boggling liquid inside the lava lamp is a mix of the aforementioned secret chemical solution and wax. The colourful blend travels up and down the container due to expansion and contraction in response to the temperature changes in the liquid.

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