This Concept House Built Into A Cliff Will Give You Goosebumps

house built into cliff10

Cliffs are near vertical rock bodies that are dangerous to navigate across. They provide breathtaking views as they are located next to a water body below like rivers and seas. The continuous erosion of cliffs means that people are reluctant to go and photograph it from its very edge, let alone think of building a house there. But, some architects from Greece, who seem to be desperate to get out of their country’s financial misery, have made this home at the very edge of the cliff in an overlooking fissure.

house built into cliff9 house built into cliff7

The view is just awesome to behold, but only one question comes into my mind along with goosebumps; Does it come with a cabinet full of parachutes? Here, take a look at it yourself!

house built into cliff8

It is a structure of concrete that has been placed on the cliff after moving a slab of rock out of it! To make things even more dramatic than usual, there is a swimming pool perched on the top of the building with an edge just vanishing into thin air. The floor of the pool is all glass, so the inside of the house gives the additional appearance of a large aquarium as well as the insane height effect. You can also see the inside of the house when you dive down the pool, so it works both ways!

house built into cliff7

This is the top view of the house. There are steps on the right side of the pool that take you to the house inside. The windows are nothing large panes of glass that offer an unobstructed view of the realm. In the night, the light bounces off from the inside creates a beautiful gleam aimed right at the heavens above. Check out more pictures below.

house built into cliff6 house built into cliff5 house built into cliff4 house built into cliff3 house built into cliff2 house built into cliff

I would be prepared to pay any amount for this beautiful abode at the edge of the cliff if they manage to convince me about its safety. Even if they aren’t able to to do that, it could be worth a swimming cum photography trip! Erosion occurs slowly, doesn’t it?

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