This Company Wants To Power The Planet With A Space-Based Solar Project

It is not some news anymore that the earth is running out of its resources fast. These resources are non-renewable forms of resources that cannot be redeemed if they are exhausted once. For example, fossil fuels take centuries to entirely become a rich source of energy.

Therefore, the planet is already going through an energy crisis, and solutions are being proposed and being implemented to avoid this shortage of energy. Most of the renewable energy projects fully utilize wind and solar energies. Caltech was able to achieve something similar.

It has always been discussed in theory that an efficient and ideal way of using solar energy to its fullest is through space. A system could be built that would absorb the solar energy outside and reflect it back on earth, providing power for operations on the planet. Caltech has received 100 million dollars of funding to make this system in actuality.

The system is being called the pace Solar Power Project (SSPP). If the project is successful, the earth will have energy available throughout the globe. The project is heading towards achieving milestones and moving ahead to completion.

Final preparations are under process for the initial test of creating a system that allows the sunlight to reach back to the earth without the use of any wires. It will be done with the help of radiofrequency (RF) electrical power. However, there are some obstructions slowing the progress down. For example, a way to bring energy without significant loss on the way is still not found out. Also, a means to collect a considerable amount of energy to make all this worthwhile is still not entirely known.

The launch is speculated to be held in the first quarter of 2023. The project is based on multiple modules that make up a large final structure. It is published in TechCrunch.

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