This Company Suggests Hiding Students In Fortified Boxes To Protect Them In School Shootings

Hideaway Tornado Shelter and Safe Room have been made by a company called National Safety Shelters.

According to a press release, these grayish, shed-like people boxes are apparently the “ultimate solution” to school safety, constructed from bulletproof, tornado-resistant ballistic III level steel — and your district can get the safeguarding mods for an average of $7 per student over the course of a 14-month period.

Per the press release, districts that have bought into this “near-absolute protection for students” have seen an increase in enrollment and revenue.

This is the latest technology-driven “solution” to school shootings.

“Could schools do more to protect students from harm?” asks one of the company’s promotional videos for the product.

There have already been hundreds of mass shootings in 2022 alone.

School safety is extremely important, and it’s one thing to market these things as tornado shelters. But schools probably shouldn’t have to pay $7 a head for a monthly subscription to Avoiding Student Death by Assault Rifle, and it’s hard to justify exploiting the uniquely American problem of widespread mass shootings — especially when mass gun violence is likely preventable through legislation and government intervention.

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