This Company Made Real Guns That Look Like LEGO Toys – And Is Now In Trouble

It seems that you could now make your gun look like a children’s toy while it being an actual gun and people are not happy about it. Especially Lego, which inspired the looks of these new real toy guns. Imagine passing a gun through security because the guard thought it was just a harmless toy. These new Lego guns are coming out of a gun shop in Utah called the Culper Precision.

The gun shop threw away all gun safety protocols when it started to sell Block 19s. That’s right, Block 19s, not Glock 19s. Block 19 is basically a handgun customization kit that Culper sells that can coat Glock 19s in Lego bricks. This coating makes the weapon look just like a regular toy gun. I wonder who thought of this idea and who actually approved it because it’s apparent that it was made to ignore gun safety protocols.

According to the company itself, their goal was “to create an opportunity to talk about the enjoyment of the shooting sports and the joy that can only be found in marksmanship practice and training”. While the idea is unique in its own right it is going to make gun control even harder by bringing kids into the equation. Culper Precision said on its website that “We have been building guns out of blocks for the last 30 years and wanted to flip the script to aggravate Mom”. The site also explained that personal defense and gun ownership is a right given by the constitution.

This was before the company came to the real point. They were selling these Block 19s for $549 to $765. Shannon Watts, the founder of a gun control group called Moms Demand Action, also tweeted about the product last week and called it a recipe for disaster. “We have already seen tragedies happen when unsecured firearms are around children and they don’t look like toys,” she said. Unintentional shooting deaths by kids have already risen by 30% as quoted by Moms.

Lego, the toy company, didn’t take the new gun design well. Seeing as how it looked like a gun made out of Legos. The company warned the gun maker to stop making them. Lego said in a brief statement that “We have contacted the company and they have agreed to remove the product from their website and not make or sell anything like this in the future”.

Shannon Watts also quoted a commenter from The Firearm Blog. She tweeted that “Review of the product from a commenter on the Firearm Blog: “This, if real, is the most irresponsible gun modification I have seen in a long time. Perfect fodder for the ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ people. Not a help””.

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