This Company Is Going To Build 60 Football Field-Sized Data Centers Worth $25 Billion

In a strategic move poised to capitalize on the AI revolution, private equity titan Blackstone is embarking on constructing a colossal $25 billion empire of data centers in Arizona. Anchoring this endeavor is the $10 billion acquisition of data center operator QTS in 2021, heralding one of Blackstone’s most substantial investments.

Blackstone’s foray into the data center industry mirrors its time-tested strategy of identifying burgeoning markets with a shortage of properties. With the digital landscape evolving at breakneck speed, the demand for robust computing infrastructure has surged, presenting a lucrative opportunity for the firm. By integrating QTS into its portfolio, Blackstone positions itself to meet the escalating computing needs of tech giants amidst the AI boom.

QTS, now under Blackstone’s purview, emerges as a pivotal player in the data center arena, catering to industry titans like Meta and Microsoft. The acquisition propels QTS to the forefront as North America’s largest provider of leased data center capacity, a remarkable ascent from its previous standing just three years ago.

However, QTS’s ambitious expansion plans encounter hurdles, particularly in addressing the substantial electricity requirements of its projects. With finished endeavors expected to consume a staggering six gigawatts of electricity, equivalent to the needs of approximately 5 million homes, concerns over power shortages loom large. Additionally, clashes with local communities, exemplified by the Manassas, Virginia dispute, underscore the challenges stemming from rapid data center proliferation.

Despite these obstacles, Blackstone remains steadfast in its conviction that the intersection of AI and advanced infrastructure presents unparalleled opportunities. Jon Gray, Blackstone’s President, emphasizes the transformative potential of AI in enhancing lives, underscoring the firm’s commitment to leveraging its resources for societal benefit.

Looking ahead, Blackstone and QTS contemplate audacious maneuvers, including potential acquisitions of competitors, amidst the legal battles and community resistance that characterize the data center landscape’s evolution.

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