This Company Is Giving Away Bronze Statues Of Elon Musk…But They Look Nothing Like Him


There are different traditions and ways through which people express their value for someone or something. These ways depict how important anything is to them or how much they appreciate it. In a similar way, the company prepared a gesture of appreciation for Elon Musk on his 50th birthday. This token of appreciation is, however, not that well-received on twitter and people are finding out flaws in it.

The gift, basically, is a life-size bronze statue of Elon Musk. The picture used for reference of the statue is the one taken on the first Falcon Heavy Launch. This statue is released in Lower Manhattan and has been subjected to critique ever since. The only resemblance, people say, it holds with Elon Musk is the posture he is standing in. The rest of the features do not exhibit any similarity or likeness with the real Elon Musk.

For the marketing, the company has tweeted this news of finding out the statue in the area and has tweeted that it does not matter whether one loves Elon or not, he is still going to turn a glorious 50. Moreover, they have designed 100 miniature versions of this bronze statue which are equally alike with this one and are giving them away for free. The location of the statue is also put on online maps so people can follow and find the statue.

If someone is a fan of Elon or cannot get enough of the real-life statue, they can also buy it from the company online through an auction. Winning the auction will deliver a 150-pound Elon with 6 feet height to your doorstep. However, the art in the statue is still being mocked online and the resemblance of the real Elon Musk with the bronze statue one is still not found except for the pose.


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