This Company Is Bringing Ultrasonic Cutting Tech To Kitchen Knives

In culinary precision, the 369Sonic emerges as a game-changer. While ultrasonic knives have long been an industrial staple for precision cutting, the 369Sonic is breaking new ground by being the first of its kind designed specifically for home kitchens. This innovation, currently seeking support on Kickstarter, promises to transform the way we slice and dice in our everyday cooking.

Designed and manufactured by a Czech startup bearing the same name, the 369Sonic combines cutting-edge technology with culinary expertise. The device boasts a 12-volt rechargeable lithium battery, a printed circuit board, and a titanium ultrasonic transducer at its core. The transducer is intimately connected to a 125-mm (4.9-inch) sharpened stainless steel blade.

When activated, the transducer goes to work, converting an electrical signal into mechanical motion at an astonishing frequency. This means the attached blade vibrates at an incredible rate—between 40,000 to 50,000 times per second. These microscopic yet rapid oscillations serve a dual purpose: they prevent food from sticking to the blade during slicing and exert minimal pressure on delicate ingredients, making it an ideal choice for precision tasks.

A notable feature of the 369Sonic is its hushed operation. While the vibrations create a gentle whisper, the knife thoughtfully alerts users when it’s actively cutting with a distinctive beep. After use, it’s securely stored with a blade guard and placed on the included wireless charger. Though precise daily battery life figures are yet to be determined, a single charge is expected to provide approximately 50 minutes of uninterrupted cutting.

If the 369Sonic kitchen knife progresses to production, backers can secure one for a pledge of $348, compared to the planned retail price of $390.

This revolutionary kitchen tool is showcased in action in the accompanying video. As it marries cutting-edge technology with culinary convenience, it has the potential to reshape kitchen experiences and elevate culinary precision for home chefs.

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