This Company Is Aiming To Put An Ultra-Efficient Blended-Wing Jet In Service By 2030

Blended-wing body (BWB) aircraft have been a concept for decades, but their potential has yet to be realized. However, California-based startup JetZero aims to change this by partnering with the United States Air Force, NASA, and FAA to create a revolutionary BWB aircraft with 50 percent more efficiency.

JetZero has revealed its goal to have the aircraft flying by 2030. The design offers more volume for cargo and passengers, a seating layout that resembles a theater, and the ability to accommodate hydrogen tanks. In addition, the engines mounted on top of the airframe significantly reduce cabin noise. This sustainable solution promises to cut fuel burn and emissions in half while offering a more multipurpose platform.

JetZero’s involvement with the US Air Force for a tanker will help develop a versatile platform that can be modified for commercial use. The company is also in talks with commercial airlines and freight companies to offer an iteration that provides sustainable solutions.

JetZero aims to secure a $245 million Air Force BWB demonstration program, allowing them to develop a full-scale demonstrator aircraft for testing its airworthiness and make the BWB design a reality by 2030.

 Source: JetZeroAviation WeekAir & Space Forces Magazine

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