This Company Is Aiming To Become The First One To Provide Commercial Fusion Power

It is evident from the incessant stress on earth’s non-renewable energy sources that the planet is running out of energy options for powering its survival. The increasing population and industrialization are making these resources deplete at an exponential rate. In addition to this, these energy sources are giving off pollution in the air as a waste product as well. All in all, the earth is undergoing a severe energy crisis and if it is not reversed, the survival of humans on the planet will be very difficult.

A company has come forward with a solution for this energy crisis that is also a clean source of energy. This energy is the product of the process of nuclear fusion. However, carrying out the process of nuclear fusion is significantly complicated. Basically, it is an emulation of the reactions that occur in sun, to keep it lit and a source of heat. therefore, the handling of such a massive scale of experimentation with quite an abundant release of energy requires a lot of attention and expertise.

At the same time, this source of energy does not release carbon as a by-product and hence, it is considered a clean source. This energy can be made in donut-shaped reactors, called tokamaks or twist-and-turn action stellarator design.

The company is called Helion Energy and is using helium 3 and deuterium as fuel to power the process. Firstly, the fuels are heated to a temperature that makes them into a plasma, then this plasma is transferred into field reversed configuration (FRC). Afterward, the two ends of the plasma are made to collide with each other at a stunning speed of 1 million mph (1.6 million km/h), releasing a great amount of energy. With further compression, powerful magnets have been used that drive the temperatures to 180 million °F (100 million °C). This causes helium 3 and deuterium to fuse and release more carbon-free energy.

The whole experiment has a 95% efficiency rate and is being worked upon since 2013. A new site for the operation is being made in Everett, Washington. This will create 150 more jobs as well. The goal is to make more energy than is needed to make the experiment happen.

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