This Company Has Morphed The Cybertruck Into An Amphibious Vehicle And Micro-Camper

Cybercat has taken things in a different direction by transforming Cybertruck into Cyberboat. The oddest pickup truck on the highway also promises to be the oddest catamaran on the water, at least if a new set of accessories from a Seattle startup gets off the ground. The company imagines the truck built by Musk into the water with some attachments including electric outboards, pontoons, and even a hydrofoil upgrade. It can be put to use carrying additional recreational accessories, including a pop-up camper shell that makes the Tesla day cruiser an overnight micro-home for land and sea.

A positive thing about the Cybertruck is that it has encouraged designers to get equally creative in developing outside-the-box accessory ideas. A telescoping RV seems to be moving quite well, and another RV claims to push electrified off-grid living to the next level of convenience.

This startup is named TSWLM Electric Vehicles Inc, a play on Elon Musk’s admiration for the submersible Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me, but “Cybercat” is much impressive that it cannot be imagined that the company won’t adopt it the minute its product gets off the ground, assuming that ever actually happens.

Cybercat has featured a kit of components. The entire kit would break down to fit inside the Cybertruck bed so that the pickup becomes a self-contained vehicle. According to the company, the amphibious chassis would install in less time than it takes normally to launch a boat. Once the kit is fully installed, the Cybertruck would drive into the water and through the shallows. The pontoons and electric outboard motors with the kit would fold down via actuator jacks in deepened water.

Cybercat kit can be configured with two to five 50-kW electric outboard motors for a speed of about 41 km/h. Cybercat’s estimates put the on-water range at 44 nautical miles at 24km/h or 100 nautical miles when dialing back to 9 km/h. These figures are based on the 500- mile Cybertruck battery configurations.

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