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This Company Has Combined Solar And Wind Power Into One Renewable Energy Generation System

Unéole, a Rochin, France-based company, has designed a renewable energy generation system by combining wind turbines and solar panels in one setup. This design is ideal for buildings that have a high electricity demand but not much space to accommodate renewable energy generation systems.

As well as maximizing production across all seasons, the Unéole hybrid energy system “allows us to offer the most profitable, balanced, and least expensive urban renewable energy production system in a carbon cost,” writes the company. To ensure a low carbon footprint, the wind turbines are built from recycled or recyclable materials (aluminum and stainless steel) and close to the operating site, promoting local production. The startup also adopts specific algorithms to determine the ideal number of wind turbines and photovoltaic panels for each type of building.

There is a huge demand for renewable energy, which is bringing innovation to the market. Companies like Siemens are making wind turbines that can generate electricity from the flowing energies over the seas. Companies are also working on windows that’ll generate electricity when sunlight hits them.

Countries are trying hard to reduce carbon emissions and are opting for renewable energy generation systems. Giant solar and wind farms can power millions of homes, while individual homeowners have the option to install their solar and wind turbines that’ll produce enough energy to keep the house and even the electric car off the grid.

Founded in 2014, Unéole has been in the works for many years and has therefore been trialed for a variety of clients at a variety of sites. Its wind turbines have been certified by the French public agency, CEREMA, as those that operate silently and without producing any harmful electromagnetic waves. The Unéole system can be adopted for urban rooftops that have an area of 1,600 square feet (150 square meters) or larger, and the company is now working to scale up its technology for larger installations.

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