This Company Has Built A Full-Body Suit For Playing In VR – And It Can Shock You Everywhere

According to the reports published, a VR social platform-based start-up named “Somnium” and a VR suit manufacturing company named “Teslasuit” announced the development of their “human-to-digital interface designed in the form of a full-body XR suit” last summer. This incredible suit would give you enough push to experience the tenderness of electrocutes within every muscle of your body while playing in virtual reality. It’s one of the most lauding and wildest experiences that you will ever get from wearing this mind-boggling suit.

This sturdy suit designed by haptic technology comprises ninety electrodes that can easily provide a touch of real-time experience. The users can get the feeling of getting hit by bullets or being attacked in combat or even get the realm of raindrops striking their bodies. If you wish to experience what it feels like to be bombed in a war or confront the aftermath of a disaster, then this XR suit is enough to bring you into that situation.

The most interesting thing about this suit is that the company has finally added the feature of G-forces, which are usually experienced by an F1 racecar driver. So, if you are sitting in an F1 simulator wearing this suit, then get ready to come across a thrilling episode of G-forces and their effects on your body. The inclusion of this feature has been reported by TechRadar and one of its senior staff writers, “Hamish Hector,” says, “Electrical pulses fired into my arms and core, making my muscles feel heavier, and I believed my body was actually being thrown around by the acceleration and deceleration caused by a moving racecar.”

We can infer from Hector’s observations that he has experienced the thrill of these VR suits, and this has been confirmed when he stated his experience as, “I was terrified at the VR shooting range, but fortunately, even a virtual grenade exploding at my feet hurt way less than you’re expecting it to.” It seems more fun, so we should not be terrified of this thrilling experience. Because the adventure of electrocuting is not getting hurt as we have made horrific assumptions about it in our minds. Its encounter is definitely going to be a worthwhile experience.

Considering the availability of its commercial use, unfortunately, it is not ready to be sold to the general public and is initially available for medical rehabilitation and the training purposes of high-performing athletes for an excessive price of $20,000. Moreover, this is not the only “one of its kind” available technology, as a startup owner named “Emi Tamaki,” who is also a Japanese developer, has been working on a project that revitalizes the sensation of pain. According to the Financial Times, she is reportedly trying to transform the meta world into a real world. So, let’s hope that we are going to encounter a lot more technologies like this in the future.

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