This Company Has Appointed An AI-Powered Robot As It’s CEO

In the recent wave of technological advancements, we’ve witnessed the emergence of sophisticated but not quite perfect AI chatbots capable of drafting emails or essays with ease. This has made the concept of AI collaboration more plausible than ever. But what if your boss were an AI housed in the unsettling form of a human-like robot CEO?

Imagine the scene earlier this year when Dictador, a Polish beverage company, unveiled its “experimental CEO,” Mika—an AI creation by Hanson Robotics, the masterminds behind the famous humanoid Sophia. Mika proudly bore the title of the “first AI human-like robot CEO” in a global corporation. In a captivating “video interview,” the robot asserted, “I’m on duty 24/7, ready to make executive decisions and conjure AI magic, without a concept of weekends.”

However, the idea of AI leadership has sparked diverse reactions. Fox Business reporter Lauren Simonetti experienced a noticeable delay during her video call interview with Mika. Meanwhile, on the streets of New York City, public opinion about the robotic CEO ranged from treating it with compassion to dismissing the need for respect, as robots were perceived as mere machines.

Nonetheless, as machine learning technology advances, the notion of AI CEOs replacing human counterparts becomes a compelling conversation. The Hustle conducted a survey earlier this year, revealing that 40 percent of respondents found it reasonable to replace human CEOs with AI. This perspective stems from the belief that AI executives might excel in handling challenging human resource decisions, such as employee terminations.

The evolving landscape of AI and its fusion with human roles raises profound questions about the future of leadership and the integration of AI in corporate settings. As we navigate this brave new world, robot CEOs represent a captivating glimpse into the evolving dynamics of power and technology.

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