This Company Clones Cannabis Cells In A Bioreactor – And They Are Now 12 Times Stronger Than Normal

A company named BioHarvest Sciences has developed a material with all the active ingredients found in cannabis that is 12 times more effective by cloning hemp cells and growing them in a bioreactor.

They used the company’s patented Bio-Plant CELLicitationTM platform technology. BioHarvest Sciences shows commendable Cannabinoid tuning and elicitation capabilities. The company states that minors like Cannabinoids and THCV have the potential to provide unique medical and commercial benefits.

According to the company’s website, the development may make it easier, less expensive, and more eco-friendly to access cannabis’ therapeutic properties. The official permissions are being acquired from the relevant authorities currently.

“We don’t grow the plant at all. We grow them in huge bioreactors in just three weeks — while regular cannabis takes 14 to 23 weeks,” BioHarvest Sciences CEO Ilan Sobel said.

“Our tech can also significantly increase the levels of active ingredients, as a percent of the weight, versus what is found normally in the plant.”

“Every gram emerging from the bioreactor in Rehovot requires less water and other resources to grow than a gram from a cannabis plant— and will stretch considerably further in terms of treating patients,” Sobel also stated.

The bioreactor comprises cells that are genetically unaltered and identical to those found in cannabis generated from plants. Patients can receive it in several formulations, including pills, drops, chewing gum, and smokable forms, said Sobel.

Dr. Christopher D’Adamo, Director of the Center for Integrated Medicine at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine, stated about the BioHarvest Sciences,

“The medical establishment has been eyeing the potential of full spectrum Cannabis to address many chronic health indications in need of better treatment options.”

“These achievements by BioHarvest in naturally eliciting important minor Cannabinoids to significant biologically active levels, combined with high levels of major Cannabinoids, all produced with a high level of consistency, represent a major breakthrough towards the development of efficient Cannabis-based botanical drugs.”

Sobel states that the bioreactor’s protective atmosphere keeps impurities like fungi at bay, and its controlled nature gives a product with consistent component levels.

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