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This Commercial RV Truck Has All The Luxuries For A World Road Tour

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Nearly all of the RV trucks that you have seen here are nothing more than DIY projects on old trucks when they aren’t fit to be a regular on the roads anymore. But, this RV that we are going to present here is a commercial from Action Mobil, an Australian company that manufactures a whole line of these beast RVs for its customers. They are powered by 720 HP engines and have a plenty of room on the inside for a luxury living by the side of the road. Check out the beast RVs in this video below:

You can go to any place with a wide-enough road on this monster, and you won’t have to look for a hotel to stay at night when you got this baby. It generates enough power for all of its fixtures and appliances inside that can also be stored in batteries. There is even a specially designed hydraulic lift to pick up your dirtbike and have a ride wherever you go!

They have complete bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting areas that make you forget that it is just 23 square feet of space that they are built around. You can go to their website and choose the model that suits your size and buy it or just window-shop until your RV fluke ends. But, this is a nice concept that can really resonate with the people since everyone imagines RVs to be bulky or old trucks that are quite uncomfortable and need a generator along wherever they go. So, what’s you take on this?

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