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Here’s Why Tesla Is The Least Favourite Car Of Theives

Hello there, have you ever wondered why the insurance of Tesla is much lower as opposed to other powerful vehicles? The video that we have brought for you today will explain this very question about Tesla’s insurance being so low as compared to other vehicles. So, as it happens, it comes down to the preferences of the thieves.

You might have been thinking that Tesla vehicles were among the top of the list of cars that could potentially be stolen. After all, they offer extreme sustainability, are smooth while being sleek, and run quite easily. However, you are dead wrong in making this assumption. The short video at the end of this article will explain to you in detail and in the easiest possible way the reasons why Tesla cars are not among the list of top most stolen cars in the US. This, in turn, helps explain why the cost of insurance for different types of cars varies.

Alright, so, allow us to explain. There are basically three primary kinds of vehicle theft. There is the theft of goods that are placed inside the vehicle. The second primary kind of vehicle theft is the theft of vehicle parts – for instance; if someone steals the side-view mirrors. The third kind of vehicle theft is when the whole vehicle gets stolen. The whole vehicle claim is made when the cost of the claim goes beyond the value of the vehicle.

In the US, the two most consistently stolen vehicles are the Hemi-Powered Dodge Charger and the Hellcat version of the Dodge Challenger. These two vehicles make the count for five times the vehicle average for vehicle theft. The least stolen vehicles include two models of the Tesla cars. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!