This Circular Home Makes You Live Your Complete Life On A Hamster Wheel

In Orbit 2

Sometimes life may seem like it is an infinite loop where you just keep living in circles over and over again. However, there are many who don’t believe in such statements and for them, we have the ‘In Orbit’ home.
In Orbit 3In Orbit has been designed and created by two architects; Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder. The duo lived in this crazy home for about 10 days and this feat was executed as part of the art exhibit. Crazy idea, wouldn’t you say so? But it is crazy enough to work, at least for 10 days.

In Orbit 4The exhibit is located at The Boiler – a place which is owned and operated by New York’s Pierogi Gallery. The ‘In Orbit’ is made up of a large wheel which is 75 ft in height and has been constructed out of steel and wood. There are living units which were incorporated for the creators to demonstrate life on a hamster wheel. There are two units; one for each artist and these units have been incorporated onto the circumference of the wheel. The exhibit kicked off with the two artists living in the structure and this living continued for another 10 days. In order to employ most of the space and be effective with it; one artist lived on the inside while one lived on the outside.

In Orbit 5In order to make this living feat possible; the essential furniture and subsequent accessories were provided within the wheel. They were probably bolted down to keep then in place and in order to make use of a certain thing, the artist had to walk in the tandem while maintaining his posture until he had access to the required amenity.

In OrbitOne thing that is obvious; the design is nowhere near being practically feasible. However, from the perspective of art it sure is something that will rattle up our brains. The wheel will remain open for viewing until 5th of April this year.

Check out the video below for more details:

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