This Chinese Company Has Appointed A Humanoid Robot As Its CEO

NetDragon Websoft, a renowned company based in China that excels in online game development, has recently taken a virtual human being on board. This AI-based robot named “Tang Yu” has been designated as the virtual CEO of the company on August 26 and took charge of her responsibilities in the company’s main office located in Fujian. As per the company, the robot will perform duties related to general management, meaning thereby, she will help in the decision-making process for the company and will also be responsible for implementing the risk management strategies as well.

Coupled with this, Tang Yu will also be engaging in analyzing the data analytics for the company along with impersonating the real-time data center. The most intriguing thing about appointing a robot as the CEO is that it will take “fair” decisions for employees as well as the company and will also provide a healthy working environment for the employees by being neutral in its actions. All of this became possible due to artificial intelligence, which has become a necessity in today’s world.

Praising the power of AI, the founder of the company, Dr. Dejian Liu, said, “We believe AI is the future of corporate management, and our appointment of Ms. Tang Yu represents our commitment to truly embrace the use of AI to transform the way we operate our business and ultimately drive our future strategic growth.” He further stated, “Looking forward, we will continue to expand on our algorithms behind Tang Yu to build an open, interactive, and highly transparent management model as we gradually transform to a metaverse-based working community, which will enable us to attract a much broader base of talents worldwide and put us in a position to achieve bigger goals.”

Talking about the company itself, NetDragon Websoft came into being in 1999, and since then, it has contributed a lot to the gaming world. Many popular games like Eudemons Online, Heroes Evolved, Conquer Online, and Under Oath have been developed by this company. Apart from just making its name in the gaming world, the company also stepped up in the education business with the goal of imparting integrated blended learning solutions to every school in the world.

It has been working, with the aim of “creating the greatest learning community internationally.” Moreover, the company also collaborated with the University of North Texas and established the renowned and reputed “NetDragon Digital Research Centre.”

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