This Chinese Automaker Has Revealed A New Electric Truck – And It Could Take On Tesla’s Model

Farizon Auto, Geely Holding Group’s commercial vehicle brand, has unveiled its next-generation electric semi-truck, the Homtruck, according to a press release.

The Homtruck will have the ability to get powered by different ways like methanol hybrid and pure electric. Moreover, the batteries from the truck can also be changed so the need for charging them will be reduced as well.

The interior of the truck is set to “meet the living and emotional needs of its drivers.” The interior comprises a shower and toilet, single bed, refrigerator, kitchen area, and a small washing machine so the drivers are entirely facilitated to meet their needs.

The truck will have semi-autonomous settings. They will also have the ability to communicate with one another so there is a safe speed and a distance between them so accidents can be avoided. They also have vehicle sensors so they can navigate through traffic easily and chalk out efficient route suggestions.

The division’s CEO Mike Fan told CNBC in an interview on Monday that Geely will bring forward autonomous driving in three steps. They will begin coming in 2023 and then in 2026. Entire autonomous driving will be there in 2030.

Other automakers like Daimler and Warren Buffett-backed BYD have spoken about their own electric trucks of this sort. Tesla has been doing the same for quite a long while already.

Elon Musk announced its truck Semi in 2017 but its production is postponed. The deliveries of the car will be done in 2023. Ramon Laguarta, the company’s CEO, recently stated that they hope to get the first all-electric Class 8 trucks by the end of the year.

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