This CGI Influencer Is Advertising For Hundreds Of Brands – And Making Thousands Of Dollars

So now even a fake human is earning more than me? This is just ridiculous!

A Korean media company, Sidus Studio X developed a virtual influencer who debuted last August and has been signed on with a variety of advertising contracts already. The CGI influencer named “Rozy Oh”, has been seen modelling for big brands like Chevrolet and posting different makeup and fashion sponsored videos on her Instagram account which has over 64,000 followers. Yes, a human that does not exist has more followers than you…

The company behind Rozy predicts that it will earn nearly a million dollars in marketing sales this year as it (she?) has already advertised for more than 100 companies in just two months. “We have advertised twice already this week alone and now we have eight exclusive contracts,” said Baek Seung Yeop, Sidus CEO according to “She has landed more than 100 sponsorships now.” 

These virtual influencers might be in for the long run as they have far more advantages than real human influencers and might even take over their jobs in the future *gasps* it’s like those Instagram influencers would have to find real jobs now…The best part about these CGI influencers is their power of immortality; Rozy is 22 years old right now and will stay that way forever unless someone designs her in a more mature age in the future. Apart from longevity to her career, she also doesn’t have to steer clear of online scandals unlike real people who have to keep their private lives secret from the media or end up as a headline the next day. And not to mention, she won’t be throwing any tantrums towards her creators either…

While Rozy isn’t the first virtual human to sell products and gain followers on social media, it shows how quickly CGI influencers are taking over, with more companies investing in them for their brand’s marketing. It’s not long till AI would take over the world so might as well get used to virtual humans advertising for us now.

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