This CEO Says ChatGPT Has Cut Coding Time From 9 Weeks To A Few Days

The CEO of software company Freshworks, Girish Mathrubootham, has revealed that his employees are utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT to write code, resulting in substantial time savings.

According to Mathrubootham, software development tasks that previously took anywhere from eight to 10 weeks can now be completed in less than a week with the help of ChatGPT. This impressive capability of generative AI is revolutionizing software development across industries.

Insider’s Stephanie Palazzolo reports that venture capitalists and startup founders are recognizing the potential for this technology to disrupt the traditional methods of software creation, distribution, and usage.

Freshworks is not the sole example of a company benefiting from ChatGPT and similar AI tools to boost productivity. The CEO of Octopus Energy, Greg Jackson, stated that artificial intelligence is effectively performing tasks that would otherwise require hundreds of human workers. Jackson revealed in an article for The Times of London that AI-generated emails even outperformed those written by trained employees, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Employees themselves are also capitalizing on AI to increase their productivity, sometimes unbeknownst to their superiors. An individual referred to as Ben, speaking anonymously to Vice, disclosed that ChatGPT is responsible for approximately 80% of their job responsibilities.

While the growing popularity of AI-powered tools like ChatGPT is enhancing productivity and efficiency, it is simultaneously fueling concerns among employees about potential job automation. This anxiety is particularly heightened amidst a wave of layoffs affecting various industries. A report from Goldman Sachs in March highlighted that generative AI tools such as ChatGPT have the potential to significantly disrupt the labor market, potentially impacting around 300 million full-time jobs globally.

As the use of AI technology accelerates, it is critical for businesses and employees to adapt and embrace new tools in order to remain competitive in an evolving work landscape. While AI provides considerable benefits in terms of time savings and increased productivity, striking a balance between embracing automation and keeping human knowledge is critical to ensuring a bright future for both organizations and people.

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