This CEO Is Paying More Than $2000 A Month To Get ChatGPT For Employees – And It Has Boosted Productivity

CEO of Genies – the $1 billion avatar tools company used by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Cardi B, has started spending thousands each month for ChatGPT plus subscription for all of his employees.

The CEO, Akash Nigam, says that he is already seeing a lot of improvement and is gaining from it. For all 120 of his employees, he is spending around $2400 a month on ChatGPT’s Plus account. Initially, it only started off as an experiment to try to boost productivity and save some money along the way.

But as March started, Nigam encouraged all his teams to learn and how to use ChatGPT for normal easy everyday tasks.

“I’m a pretty frugal, stingy person,” Nigam told Insider. “But in my mind, this is for the health and growth of the company.”

Nigam claims that she has already seen may tasks get accelerated for instance, Genies’ R&D team has used ChatGPT to answer math and coding questions, get advice on how to debug code, and generate scripts for presentations based on outlines, he said. Other employees have used it to generate creative briefs, write legal documents like internal policies, and answer technical questions.

Nigam says that the extra effort is worth it since it saves countless hours that would otherwise be utilized in brainstorming among colleagues or creating an outline when releasing a new product.

Nigam also believes that it will be helpful in reducing the number of staff and employees. Genies have been holding informal workshops where the employees who are “really obsessed” and “leaning in” to ChatGPT teach coworkers with less experience how to use the AI to perform specific tasks across teams.

“You really got to find time to like learn this skill, because it’s gonna be really important moving forward,” he said.

The employees that are “using AI effectively” will be up for a promotion and raise, he said. The ones who aren’t will fall behind ChatGPT is even being considered to be added as a part of his employees’ performance reviews next year.

Nigam believes that everybody should be committed in using AI and ChatGPT since it is greatly benefitting the company as well as shortening the time taken to do a task.

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