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This Celebrity Placed His Life On The Line To Prove A Physics Phenomenon

Physicist Places His Life On The Line For The Sake Of Science Experiment featured

Andreas Wahl is a Norwegian television host and physicist who is known for finding fun in science for children’s sake. That was probably the reason behind his creation of a video that was submitted to a television program known as Life on the Line.

Wahl’s video is a demonstration of the scientific fact that items rotate faster once they approach a central point. This was demonstrated by Wahl by placing his life in a risky situation.

He was attached to a loose rope while he hanged about 14 meters above the ground. To the other end of the rope, a weight was attached. The rope was lying over a pole during the experiment. Once the weight was released, Wahl dropped.

The weight was released and it almost collided with Wahl while he dropped.

The rope tightened around the pole while Wahl dropped safely.

The weight was wrapped around the pole.

After the experiment, Wahl said, “I’m so OK! I’m really good. I’m high on physics.” Wahl had calculated every minute detail of the demonstration and for a good reason; his life hanged in balance – quite literally. He weighed about 14 times more than the weight on the rope’s other end. In order to prevent the rope from sliding off the pole, he incorporated a stopper on the pole.

You can watch the full video below.

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