This Carpet-Wrapped Lada Could Be The Greatest Soviet-Era Car Ever Built

Many Soviet-era artefacts may be found throughout the Russian Federation, but very few are as striking as this ancient Zighuli vehicle covered in Persian-style rugs, which recently gained popularity on social media.

The Zhiguli VAZ was a classic Soviet-era vehicle exported worldwide. It was distributed outside the Soviet Union under the LADA brand, so it may appear recognizable even if you don’t belong to Russia. It was always regarded as a reliable car that could tolerate some damage, but it was also one of the many Soviet Union icons. No vehicle, however, was ever as Soviet-ized as “Carpets,” a one-of-a-kind VAZ 27011 with a unique appearance – a layer of old Persian-style carpets that were once fashionable in communist states.

Georgy Makarov, an automobile enthusiast, created “Carpets” since he desired a low-cost vehicle that could also stand out. His father, who has been involved in vehicle restoration for 30 years and is regarded as one of Russia’s foremost vintage automotive experts, instilled in him a passion for antique Russian automobiles.

Georgy’s first car was a 1981 Zhiguli 2702, which he rebuilt from the ground up with his father at the family workshop. Unfortunately, he crashed it in an accident and fixing it would have been time-consuming. On the other hand, his friend had a 44-year-old VAZ 27011 that was rusting and suggested he revive it with his repair expertise. Georgy accomplished all of this and more!

“‘Carpets’ is my vision made real. It is made up of three concepts: the Soviet Union, the ‘Zhiguli’ brand and carpets,” Makarov said. “For me, these are inseparable things, so I connected them in one car. Now it is an art object, a historical monument, and just a means of transportation.”

The VAZ was a distinctly Soviet vehicle, but Georgy Makarov heightened the nostalgia by pairing it with the Persian-style rugs that many Russians and Eastern Europeans admired. This explains why the car has garnered so much attention on Russian social networks.

Georgy has no intentions to embark on a project like this any time soon, but he does want to go deeper into the field of car restoration and see where it leads him.

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