This Campus In Thailand Is Made Entirely Out Of Shipping Containers

Thailand’s International Sustainable Developmental Studies Institute (ISDSI) does not just teach sustainability to students-it demonstrates it practically.

photo: ISDI

Its amazing new campus was designed to be constructed entirely out of shipping containers sourced from Bangkok’s ports as there were too many of them available.

Seventeen containers were used for the main building, and nothing out of that went to waste! Even the small pieces and cut-offs were utilized to make doors, windows, and walls.

Photo: ISDI

Making the campus from bamboo and straw was also considered but the idea was later given up in favor of using shipping containers. The containers were greatly modified after being selected carefully. Containers were cut and joined together for larger spaces. For smaller areas, like the classrooms, one container was used to make one whole classroom.

Some of the containers have been painted white while others have been left as is photo: ISDI

The use of shipping containers has given the campus a unique look. While some of the containers used in construction have been painted white, some have been left as is giving the visitor a real taste of what an institute teaching sustainable development should look like.

This stylish cafe is made of shipping containers!
Photo: ISDI

The campus is laid over three floors and has six classrooms, a common area, a conference room, a kitchen, toilets, a library, and a seminar room. Since shipping containers tend to get hot/cold very quickly, that posed a problem. To make the temperatures inside the campus rooms comfortable, SDSI added insulation and refurbished some used air-conditioning.

An airy classroom at ISDI
Photo: ISDI

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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