This Camouflage Uniform Changes Colour With Weather

CabelasColorphaseCamouflage 2

camoCamouflage can be used for a variety of purposes but mostly it’s employed by Army or hunters. However, a successful camouflage requires for the user to blend in with the surroundings. The color and pattern must blend in so well that your prey or target shouldn’t be able to identify you. While we are usually busy posting about other technology related articles, we thought why not share this wonderful masterpiece with you that has the ability to keep your sports wear fashionable for all seasons.

CabelasColorphaseCamouflageCabela’s ColorPhase camouflage employs temperature sensitive dyes which are able to change color with respect to temperature and can therefore, allow for camouflage’s color to change with season. The camouflage takes the green color during temperatures above 65 degrees. However, when the temperature starts to drop, this green color changes to brown following the lead of nature. But still, not every hunter would want this gear for their hunting sessions, seems unlikely? Here’s a fun fact; deer and most animals can’t distinguish between brown and green color.

CabelasColorphaseCamouflage 3However, this technology has surely opened up doors for new ideas to come in. Imagine everyday clothing that could change color depending on temperature! ColorPhase will always keep you in fashion for the season. Although we are not quite sure how sensitive it is for the body heat being emitted from the body, this sure is a great start.

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