This California-Based Firm Is Set To Build A Sustainable Mega City

In an era where environmental sustainability takes center stage, California Forever, a pioneering Californian company, has set its sights on an ambitious venture – the creation of a sustainable utopia spanning 55,000 acres in Solano County.

California Forever’s digital canvas paints an idyllic picture of this future community. Mediterranean-inspired homes seamlessly blend with solar-powered agricultural activities, while residents are depicted embracing a lifestyle marked by cycling through the lush landscapes, prioritizing sustainability over vehicular convenience. The driving force behind this visionary endeavor is none other than Jan Sramek, the CEO and founder of California Forever. Sramek’s inspiration, drawn from his fishing expeditions in Solano County’s Californian Delta, has coalesced into a fervent aspiration: to build towns and cities that are not merely functional, but sustainable, walkable, and thoroughly livable.

This audacious project thrives on collaboration, as California Forever joins forces with a diverse range of stakeholders within Solano County. From residents to elected officials, from Travis Air Force Base to businesses, educators, law enforcement, fire departments, and conservation agencies, this venture seeks to harmonize the aspirations and needs of the entire community, fostering a shared vision for the future.

This milestone announcement follows a report in The New York Times, revealing that Jan Sramek secured a staggering $800 million in funding, courtesy of renowned tech industry investors. These influential partners, operating through Flannery Associates LLC, discreetly acquired over 100 parcels of land.

Among the luminaries involved are Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn; the venture capitalist Michael Moritz; Laurene Powell Jobs, the driving force behind Emerson Collective and widow of Steve Jobs; Marc Andreessen, a distinguished investor and software developer; and the enterprising duo of Patrick and John Collison, co-founders of Stripe, alongside entrepreneurs Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman.

The consortium released a statement, articulating their desire to initiate a dialogue about the future of Solano County, now that confidentiality restraints have been lifted. Their collective vision is nothing short of transformative – a sustainable city graced with architecturally diverse homes, nestled within walkable neighborhoods teeming with essential amenities, from shops to schools. This grand project promises to generate “thousands of permanent, good-paying local jobs” and incorporate a substantial solar farm into its design.

Brian Brokaw, the spokesperson for California Forever, expressed deep gratitude towards elected officials for affording the opportunity to discuss this vision. It encompasses a multitude of essential elements: job creation, affordable housing, walkable communities, clean energy adoption, sustainable infrastructure development, preservation of open spaces, and environmental stewardship. The company’s ongoing engagement with the community and local leaders underscores its commitment to collaboratively shaping the future of Solano County.

This venture profoundly emphasizes addressing critical facets, such as energy sustainability, transportation innovation, water resource management, and wildfire protection. Of particular note is the potential for a substantial solar farm within Eastern Solano, taking advantage of existing transmission lines to bolster job creation and expedite California’s transition towards clean energy.

Furthermore, California Forever intends to execute significant upgrades to the North Bay Aqueduct, ultimately ensuring the delivery of cleaner and more reliable water to over 500,000 residents across Solano and Napa counties. Recognizing the pressing need for enhanced fire protection in rural areas, the organization stands ready to contribute to comprehensive regional solutions for the greater good of the community and the environment alike.

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