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This Bus Powered By Poop Just Broke The Speed Record

Poop bus breaks record2

Who needs those pollution causing fossil fuels when you can use cow manure to produce your fuel! And now, these poop powered vehicles are performing even better as one such bus broke the speed record for a regular bus service. The top speed recorded was 76.8 mph or 123.6 kmh.

The bus has been cheekily named “Bus Hound” in tribute to the Bloodhound SSC. The bus’s engine runs on biomethane derived from cow dung in huge quantities and stored in its high-pressure containers. The bus is operated by Reading Systems, who had the audacity to paint it in salute to the countless black-and-white Friesian cows that are working overtime to produce its fuel (and by-product milk).

The landmark record was broken at Millbrook proving ground in Bedfordshire, England. The typical diesel-powered commercial buses flat out at a mere 56 mph, so it is a great achievement in terms of technology. Let’s hope that this extraordinary bio-fuel powered buses will be promoted and eventually run on all major highways of the world.

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