This Bridge In Norway Looks Like It Is Heading Nowhere

Storseisundet Is Norway’s Landmark

This amazing structure is the Norway’s landmark. The road is known as the Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian). The bridge has been termed as Storseisundet and it makes quite a sharp bend right about when it jumps over a couple of small islands and waterways. The bridge’s approach is quite scary since it seems as if the bridge is going to end abruptly and vehicle would end up dropping into the waters below.Storseisundet Is Norway’s Landmark 6 Storseisundet Is Norway’s Landmark 5 Storseisundet Is Norway’s Landmark 4 Storseisundet Is Norway’s Landmark 2 Storseisundet Is Norway’s Landmark

The Atlantic Road connects Norway’s mainland to the Island of Averøy and is spanned by a total of 8 bridges. Storseisundet is the most spectacular and the longest one among them all. The Atlantic Ocean Road’s scenic beauty and the Storseisundet Bridge, cantilevered and 260 meters long, has won it the title of ‘Norwegian Construction of the Century’ and it is currently Norway’s second most visited scenic road following Trollstigen.

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