This Brazilian Grandpa Says He Has Been Drinking Only Coke For The Last 50 Years

Roberto Pedreira, a 70-year-old retiree from Bahia, Brazil, has gained online fame for his unique habit of exclusively consuming Coca-Cola for hydration over the past 50 years, eschewing water altogether. Even during a recent hospitalization for Covid-19, he adamantly refused liquid medicine or water, opting only for Coca-Cola Zero.

A snapshot of his hospital chart, detailing his Coke-only preference, went viral on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, initially prompting disbelief but later confirmed by his grandson.

Despite suffering from diabetes, chronic venous insufficiency, multiple heart problems including six stents and a previous heart attack, Roberto remains steadfast in his Coke-only regimen. He openly admits his aversion to water, citing a preference for Coca-Cola Zero and asserting that if Coke was harmful, it would have killed him by now. Despite doctors’ recommendations for water consumption, Roberto staunchly refuses, even taking his medication with Coke instead.

Roberto’s grandson, João Victor Paixão, attests to his grandfather’s unwavering commitment to Coca-Cola, dating back to its launch in Japan. Despite his health issues, Roberto prioritizes regular medical check-ups and diligently takes his prescribed medication. His grandson confirms that Roberto’s soda-only habit is a long-standing fixture in his life, even extending to enjoying it with ice cream.

While Roberto’s case may seem unbelievable to outsiders, his consistent adherence to his Coke-only lifestyle challenges conventional health norms. His defiance of medical advice in favor of his soda preference highlights the complexity of individual habits and preferences, even in the face of significant health concerns. Despite the skepticism surrounding his choice, Roberto remains resolute, viewing his longevity as a testament to the safety of his unconventional hydration choice.

Ultimately, Roberto’s story serves as a fascinating example of individual autonomy and the power of personal choice, even in matters of health. Despite the widespread belief in the necessity of water for hydration, Roberto’s commitment to Coca-Cola showcases the diverse ways people navigate their health and well-being, often defying conventional wisdom in pursuit of personal satisfaction and comfort.

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