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This Blob Of Water Is Actually A New Design For Water Bottles That Will Save The Planet

Blob of water

Plastic water bottles are not really great for the environment. But we need a container to hold water, which is so necessary for our existence. Recycling all the water bottles is not always possible since many of them are disposed instead of recycled. But what if we the water was stored in an edible container?

The Ooho is a blob-shaped container that holds water inside of a double membrane. This revolutionary container is created by London-based FastCompany, where three designers teamed up to develop the new membrane that uses a compound from brown algae and calcium chloride to form a gel around the water.

The double membrane uses an evolved form of spherification, which is a way to hold liquids in spheres that was first invented in 1946. According to FastCompany:
While the package is being formed, the water is frozen as ice, making it possible to create a bigger sphere and keeping the ingredients in the membrane and out of the water.”

One of the major obstacles for the designers is to find a way to keep the blob-shaped water bottle clean when it is stored. Once they find a solution to the problem, we could very well see this next-gen water bottles on the shelves of stores all around the world. Each Ooho bottle costs only 2 cents to produce and hence, it is both cheap and environmentally friendly.

Check out the videos below to see both how the Ooho is used and how it is made: