This Bizarre AI Turns Any Person Into A Pokémon

The era of Pokemon seems to have made a comeback in a different manner now. A new AI model, developed by netizen Justin Pinkney, aims to transform any word or phrase into a unique Pokémon. The results might not look like a strong battle-ready partner, but people have been testing it out and creating bizarre new creatures. The best ones so far are based on public figures and famous characters.

The bot’s creator knows that the artificial intelligence program is not close to perfect and seems focused to clear out some of its bugs.

“Looks like my Pokémon generator is getting some attention,” Pinkney said online earlier today. “Lots of interesting examples in the replies to this. It’s curious how much it like[s] to generate the circular Pokémon.”

People are making pokemon of everyone they can get their minds on. They include Hello Kitty, the famous “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painting, and many other interesting ones.

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