This Billionaire Says Kids Are ‘Too Busy On TikTok’ To Work Hard Enough To Grow Their Careers

Billionaire John Catsimatidis has expressed his concern that younger generations, particularly those on TikTok, are not working hard enough to grow their careers. Speaking to Daily Mail in an interview, Catsimatidis stated that one of the problems facing the US today is that “kids are busy playing TikTok.” He believes that a strong work ethic has gone by the wayside for many workers today.

Catsimatidis began his career at a local supermarket, working around 70 hours per week after his mother “threw” him off the couch the summer he graduated high school. From there, he went on to partial ownership of the store and extended the business. Today, he is worth about $4.1 billion, largely due to his ownership of Gristedes Food, a chain of New York City grocery stores, and a real estate and aviation company called Red Apple Group.

Catsimatidis is the father of two children and is well-known for his strong political views, particularly his support for former President Donald Trump on his radio talk program, “The Cats Roundtable.” He recommends those who want to advance in their jobs to employ people who are brighter than them, to acquire an education, and to keep out of trouble.

While some business executives, such as Whole Foods cofounder John Mackey, have questioned younger generations’ work ethic, others argue that the notion of younger people being lazier and more entitled is just another kind of “back in my day.” According to Gen Z, they are more concerned with work-life balance and are less willing to accept a hostile workplace atmosphere.

According to a 2022 World Economic Forum study, about half of Gen Z workers claimed they would quit their job if it interfered with their work-life balance. This shows that, while younger generations may have different employment goals and expectations, they are nonetheless committed to their careers and success.

In conclusion, while Catsimatidis’ concerns regarding the influence of social media on the work ethic of younger generations are genuine, it is crucial to acknowledge that people have various interests and aspirations. Finally, success is attained via hard effort and devotion, as well as by striking a balance between work and life outside of work.

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