This Billionaire Private Astronaut Suggests That We Should Try Reviving Dinosaurs


Earlier this week, news broke that a team of European scientists had defrosted an ancient “zombie virus,” discovered beneath a frozen Siberian lake. This led to the news being viral and netizens started giving their opinions about it based on the zombie movies they had seen.

However, billionaire private astronaut Jared Isaacman is inspired by the event. He is not even remotely scared.  

“Let’s go for the dinosaurs next and really make things interesting,” Isaacman wrote in a tweet, adding a T-Rex emoji for good measure.

Of course, Isaacman is referencing the iconic Jurassic World franchise, the moral of which is famous that ancient DNA definitely shouldn’t be used to resurrect extinct beings. However, billionaires and high-powered tech entrepreneurs are always inclined to play around with the concept!

The billionaire thrill-seeker has seemingly been making moves to distinguish himself from his reputation as a random space tourist, recently announcing plans to partner with NASA to service the aging Hubble telescope. 

This virus might be another of the billionaire’s ventures that could be used to set him apart from his likes. He might actually want to proceed with creating a Jurassic Park in real life! He might not though, emphasis on the might!


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